ReplayTV Tips

ReplayTV Tip #7: UPDATE: Belkin F5D7230-4 Router

I purchased a used HP EN5000 Digital Media Receiver off of eBay. The EN5000 is a "Media Receiver" that lets me play (through my stereo and TV) MP3 files loacated on local network servers. It's not the most feature-rich device, but for a low eBay proce of $27.00…. Anyway, it requires an Ethernet connection, so I decided that an additional Belkin F5D7230-4 Router would be the most economical connectivity solution. In a prior article found here, I discussed how I set up my wireless network by leveraging the high configurability of the absurdly inexpensive Belkin F5D7230-4 Routers. I described how I configured three of these suckers to provide full-house coverage for all my networking needs. Read on to see what I did to improve my home network… I purchased a fourth Belkin F5D7230-4 router to provide additional connectivity in another room. The wireless coverage was absolutely fine, but I didn't […]

ReplayTV Tip #6-Multiple Belkin F5D7230-4 Setup HOWTO

After purchasing a new house, I needed to set up a network. An 802.11g wireless solution seemed to be the best choice, so after lots of research and planning, I purchased three Belkin F5D7230-4 routers and configured them to provide wireless routing, bridging, and access. Read on for what I did, how I did it, and how it has worked… Multiple Belkin F5D7230-4 Router/Bridge/AP Setup HOWTO: A Guide to Setting Up Multiple Belkin F5D7230-4 Router/Bridge/AP’s By Jim Barr Introduction BACKGROUND: My wife and I were fortunate enough to purchase a new-construction house. Unfortunatly, we purchased it just after all the walls were installed, so I was unable to have network cabling installed throughout the house. Bummer! The house certainly has ample attic and crawl space, but the notion of later installing whole-house wiring, though doable, was not too appealing. I tried installing an 802.11b network using some old Linksys equipment […]

ReplayTV Tip #5-Access an Airing Shows Pop-up Menu

If you bring up the Program Guide by pressing the Program Guide button, you can press the Select button to bring up a pop-up menu for the selected show. The problem is that if you try to do this on a show that’s currently airing, ReplayTV will switch to that channel and dismiss the Program Guide. Here’s how to avoid tuning to the channel and instead, bring up the pop-up menu… Bring up the Program Guide by pressing the Program Guide button on your ReplayTV remote. Navigate to a selected channel and highlight a show that is currently airing. Now, instead of pressing the Select button on the remote, try pressing the Enter button. This pops up the expected menu with all available recording and “Find All episodes” options!

ReplayTV Tip #4-Watching and Recording PPV

While ReplayTV does not include pay Per View (PPV) channel data in its Program Guide, you can watch and record PPV through ReplayTV! Here’s how… Press ReplayTV’s “Input” button on the remote and cycle through all the ReplayTV’s inputs until you reach the “DirecTV” direct input (theoretically, this should also work as well for DISH and Digital Cable PPV, it will just be labeled differently.) Use the DirecTV remote to view the channel guide (there will be a slight delay), get “Info” on the programs, and finally purchase the program. You can now watch the PPV with all the usual “benefits” of ReplayTV (pause, REW, FF, etc.) Just be sure to turn off any scheduled recordings while you watch otherwise the channel will change to that recording show. If you want to record the PPV, while tuned to the PPV channel through the direct input, press “Record” on the ReplayTV […]

ReplayTV Tip #3-Content Skip?

Here’s an undocumented easter egg for ReplayTV boxes running v5.x. It was posted by tk2x on the AVS Forum… “If you have been watching too much good programming with your Replay, and your brain can’t muster the long attention span needed when skipping commercial breaks, try this fix: “While playing a recorded show, press Play to go into slow-mo, then FF 2 times to go into 3x slomo. Now hit the Commercial Advance button once to turn off CA. Then, hit it again, and you’ve got…Content Advance. All that pesky content will be skipped, so you can enjoy the commercials uninterrupted.” What a great way to watch all of those cool commercials during the SuperBowl while avoiding that nasty football!

ReplayTV Tip #2-Accessing hidden features

Here are several undocumented button press combinations that will invoke some useful features and tools. The syntax is to press the number keys shown and then press the “Zones” key… 111 + Zones Puts the Replay in “game” mode after you have entered either “Joshua” or “Tic Tac” into the Claw Foot Portal. (see below on how to access the CFP.) 411 + Zones Shows you information about your ReplayTV box including the serial number, the software version, the most recent connection, etc. 243 + Zones brings up a “utility” menu that lets you force a network connection, toggle a network meter, memory meter, position display, and several other utilities. The bottom of the screen is also the infamous “Claw Foot Portal” (CFP) 382 + Zones On 4xxx series and higher, this lets you reset your ReplayTV to factory defaults. If your ReplayTV becomes unstable, or if you want to […]

ReplayTV Tip #1-ReplayTV to DVD HOWTO

If you own a ReplayTV 5000 series PVR, learn how to archive your shows to DVD. Follow these steps to transfer shows from your ReplayTV box to your PC, edit out unwanted content, and burn the "final cut" to DVD for viewing on any standalone DVD player! ReplayTV to DVD HOWTO: A step-by-step Guide to Archiving ReplayTV 5000 Shows to DVD By Jim Barr Introduction This is a step-by-step "HOWTO" guide describing how to archive to DVD a show that was recorded on a ReplayTV 5000 series PVR. It was compiled from my trial-and-error experience along with the excellent tips and help from a number of other dedicated ReplayTV users. The PVR I am using is a ReplayTV model 5040, but these instructions should work on any network-connected ReplayTV 5000 series model. These steps will probably also work with any network-connected 4000 series box, but I do not have one, […]