Moxi Tip #7: Moxi Vs ReplayTV

December 2, 2004
As a long-time ReplayTV DVR owner, comparisons are inevitable, so here are my rather lengthy impressions of Moxi in comaprison with ReplayTV. This comparison is an enhancement to a posting I made over on the AVS Forum. I have refined it a bit and added some more information, so read on for all you never […]

Moxi Tip #6: System Diagnostics Menu

December 2, 2004
Would you like to know how to view "interesting" information and statistics about your Moxi box? Read on to see how! Go to the box itself (not from the remote) and simultaneously press the "Menu" and "OK" buttons. A system diagnostics menu will display giving you access to lots of neat goodies such as software […]

Moxi Tip #5: Throw some food at your TV!

December 2, 2004
This tip is based on findings by "Dyaus" and confirmed by "GlendaleHDTV" over at the AVS Forum. There is a hidden "Easter Egg" that displays various food items that you can move around and "throw" at the screen causing a messy splat! Read on to see how to digitally throw food at your TV screen... […]

Moxi Tip #4: Why Dont I Have That Feature!

December 2, 2004
You have a Moxi box, read about a new feature on some forum, and you wonder, "How come I don't have that feature on my Moxi box?" Read on for an explanation... In an effort to attract Cable companies, Digeo provides a flexible feature set that can be "tailored" by the individual Cable company based […]

Moxi Tip #3: Classic Easter Egg!

December 2, 2004
Developers are notorious for including hidded code (often called an "Easter Egg") that typically displays a list of the developers who worked on the project. Well, the Moxi developers are no different! Read on to see a "classic" developer credit Easter Egg... Press the Moxi button on the remote and scroll to the "Settings" category. […]

Moxi Tip #2: Where Can I Get Moxi Information?

December 2, 2004
Read on to see some links to more Moxi information... Digeo The company that manufactures Moxi. There is a lot of excellent product information here. or AVS Forum This is an excellent resource for A/V technologies HDTV Recorder Forum This is a great resource on the AVS Forum for HDTV Digital Video […]

Moxi Tip #1: What The Heck Is Moxi?

December 1, 2004
OK, so I'm providing Moxi information. I'm going to add some Moxi Tips. I'll be comparing Moxi to some comparable products. So you ask, "What the heck is Moxi?" Read on to find out... "Moxi" is a Digital Video Recorder (DVR) from Digeo ( similar in concept to ReplayTV and TiVo, but it goes way […]

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