Gmail Tip #46: Creating a Map Repository

December 23, 2005
Do you find yourself repeatedly looking up the same map info at any of the various online map services like Google Maps, MapQuest, or Yahoo! Maps? Here's a Tip submitted by "Andreas" that lets you maintain a simple Map Repository within Gmail. It's builds on the concept introduced in the Gmail Tip #3: How to […]

Gmail Tip #45: Backing Up Your Gmail Account

December 23, 2005
Gmail is an excellent service, but I sometimes get concerned about the security of keeping all my messages in one place. It's not a "privacy" concern, but a "data integrity" concern: If my Gmail account somehow gets corrupted or blown away, I don't have anything to fall back on...until now. By simply using Gmail's POP3 […]

Gmail Tip #44: Using An Email Client

December 23, 2005
Gmail's POP3 access lets you leverage third-party Email Clients like Outlook or Thunderbird, giving you the flexibility you want. Read on to see some quick tips inspired by "Edwin" and "Zavie" on configuring and accessing Gmail's POP3 access... POP3 email clients are common, handy tools to enable you to manage your email online or offline. […]

Gmail Tip #43: Notes in Just Two Clicks!

June 9, 2005
"Tjeerd" from the Netherlands submitted a neat Gmail Tip that takes a different yet very simple approach to creating and managing "Notes" in your Gmail account. Notes are simply messages typically sent to yourself to store useful information. Read on for a simple method of creating Notes with just two button clicks... In my Gmail […]

Gmail Tip #42: A More Worldly View

April 14, 2005
Parlez-vous fran?ais? Sprechen Sie Deutsch? Or if you read any of 11 newly supported languages, you will feel right at home with Gmail. In addition to English, Gmail now supports Dutch, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, and UK English. (Sorry, no Klingon.) If you want to experience Gmail […]

Gmail Tip #41: How Much Space Do I Have?

April 1, 2005
Notorious for its April Fools jokes, Google announced on 01-Apr-2005 that it had upped its disk space quota to 2 gigabytes per user, surpassing Yahoo's recent increase to 1 gigabyte. While that's good news for Gmail users, the great news is that it's not an April Fools joke. Having the extra space is great, but […]

Gmail Tip #40: New Feature! Rich formatting!

March 30, 2005
It's the nail in the coffin...the icing on the cake...the "You had me at hello" feature! Gmail finally has Rich Text formatting! But it's not just for making your messages pretty. Read on to see why the addition of this feature propels Gmail way ahead of the competition... In this tip, I will briefly explain […]

Gmail Tip #39: New Feature! Gmail From Most Any Browser!

February 28, 2005
From the beginning, Gmail has always required a "supported browser" to gain access and work with Gmail. Well, those crazy Gmail developers have done it again! Read on to see a new addition to Gmail that will please many... Gmail now offers a "basic HTML view" that lets you access Gmail from almost any computer […]

Gmail Tip #38: Google Gmail Minibrowser

January 13, 2005
"The Google Deskbar includes a minibrowser that you can use to quickly open your Gmail account in convenient window that automatically hides and can be accessed with a keyboard shortcut. Read on for more information about this tool... The Google Deskbar is a little Google search tool for Windows taskbar. It can do most of […]

Gmail Tip #37: New Feature: Image Attachment Thumbnails

December 7, 2004
Read on for a simple description of a simple new feature... Gmail's site describes it as: "It's like seeing the trailer before you see the movie. Now you can get a sneak preview of your attachments." Gmail now adds the ability to preview graphic images attached to email messages you receive by displaying "thumbnails" of […]

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