Tip #18-WonderSilk Skins: Those Elusive Buttons

April 15, 2003
I have received several inquiries asking how various buttons get assigned and defined in the WonderSilk app. The explanation, while definatly not intuitive, is actually rather simple. The main difficulty with WonderSilk Skin development is that there are no set "rules" as to what or how things are defined, specifically with regard to buttons that […]

Tip #17-Some Clie and Palm Resources

April 7, 2003
This tip isn't so much a tip as a list of resources. Most are probably obvious to you, but for those who are very new to the Clie and Palm world, here are several good sources for information, news, and third-party applications. In no particular order: PALM APPS This has been the "definitive" source […]

Tip #16-Take it with you!

April 7, 2003
My name is Jim Barr and I am a Mobile Information Addict. OK. There. I said it. I am a Mobile Information Junkie, and I'm not ashamed, in fact, I'm excited about it! The Sony Clie NX70V has given me the ability to have all sorts of information with me at all times. From Dictionaries, […]

Tip #15-Sena Case tip

April 7, 2003
I know this tip is VERY specific, but it has been VERY useful to me. I own a Sena Case from for my Clie NX70V, and while I think it is a good quality case, one of its shortcomings is that over time, the leather "pouch" that holds the the Clie into the case […]

Tip #14-Try an Alternate Picture Viewer

April 7, 2003
The included Clie Viewer program, while good intentioned, suffers from lethargy. Take more than a handful of pictures with your Clie Camera, and you sit and wait, and wait, and wait for the Clie Viewer to generate thumbnail images. It doesn't cache these thumbnail images, so the next time you want to view images, you […]

Tip #13-One-button McPhling launch!

February 11, 2003
One of my biggest complaints about the NX series, unfortunatly, is its clamshell design. I personally prefer keeping it in "tablet" mode, but doing so poses one significant limitation: No access to the four standard hard buttons. So, what to do? Try McPhling! This little app lets you pop up a small list of launchable […]

Tip #12-Extend your MP3 players usefullness!

January 31, 2003
We all know that you can play MP3 files on your Clie NX series, and while the ear buds included aren't bad, did you know that you can use your NX's MP3 player functionality in your car or at home? 1. Buy a "CD to Cassette adapter". One came with my portable CD player, but […]

Tip #11-Jog Dial in Documents To Go

January 15, 2003
I stumbled upon this one by accident today. Did you know that you can navigate a spreadsheet in Documents-To-Go with the Jog Dial? Sure, you can use it to scroll up and down, but try pressing the Jog Dial and then scrolling. You can move side-to-side! Press it again, and it reverts to up-and-down! I'm […]

Tip #10-Renaming Apps in LauncherX

December 26, 2002
Want to be more "functional" with LanucherX? Why not rename your apps to something more meaningful! One way to make launcherX's "Launcher Experience" more functional is to use LauncherX's "Rename" Gadget to rename application filenames to something more meaningful. Note that we are NOT actually renaming the app itself, but we are renaming LauncherX's name […]

Tip #9-Exporting MP3 from MusicMatch

November 26, 2002
Are you a MusicMatch Jukebox user? Do you want to easily transfer your MP3 files to your Sony Clie NX from within MusicMatch? Are you bummed because MusicMatch doesn't list the Sony Clie NX series a supported device? Well, there is another way! I'm using MusicMatch Jukebox Plus, the registered version, so I really don't […]

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