Vonage Tip #3: Uh oh, the Powers out!

August 24, 2004
Unlike "standard" telephone service, Vonage requires that your Phone Adapter be powered and connected to an active broadband connection at all times. Read on to see what can you do to ensure uninterrupted service for those inevitable times when the power goes out... Have you ever noticed that when the power goes out, you can […]

ReplayTV Tip #7: UPDATE: Belkin F5D7230-4 Router

July 26, 2004
I purchased a used HP EN5000 Digital Media Receiver off of eBay. The EN5000 is a "Media Receiver" that lets me play (through my stereo and TV) MP3 files loacated on local network servers. It's not the most feature-rich device, but for a low eBay proce of $27.00.... Anyway, it requires an Ethernet connection, so […]

Gmail Tip #27: Adding Hotmail Contacts to Gmail

July 21, 2004
Do you have a lot of Hotmail contacts that you would like to add to your Gmail Contacts? "Montevino" submitted this tip on how to do just that. Read on to see how simple it is... By leveraging Gmail's new "Import Contacts" (see Gmail Tip #24), you can easily generate an importable file from your […]

ReplayTV Tip #6-Multiple Belkin F5D7230-4 Setup HOWTO

June 22, 2004
After purchasing a new house, I needed to set up a network. An 802.11g wireless solution seemed to be the best choice, so after lots of research and planning, I purchased three Belkin F5D7230-4 routers and configured them to provide wireless routing, bridging, and access. Read on for what I did, how I did it, […]

Sony to Suspend Clie Handheld Line

June 2, 2004
According to a Palm Infocenter article, Sony is "suspending" it's Clie PDAs, not releaseing any new models to the US market this Fall. This hits hard to many CLie devotees. Despite the news, the Sony Clie NX topics here on will continue to exist. Unfortunatly, I haven't added much new content simply because I […]

Gmail Tip #2: Check Your Messages

May 21, 2004
To leverage Gmail's excellent Label and Search functions, I imported close to 1000 archived emails into my Gmail account. (To see how I did it, click here.) After working this large number of messages for a few days, I have found that managing them, while typically easy and intuitive, it can sometimes be a bit […]

Tip #24-HandStory-faking a schedule

October 24, 2003
This "tip" is very specialized, but some may find it useful... Though I REALLY love HandStory (it's my first choice for offline browsers) I have one small issue: There is no way to schedule when clips are updated. I leave my PC on 24/7, so faithfully around Midnight, HandStory auto-updates. Not bad, but unfortunatly, that […]

Tip #21-WonderSilk Skins Installation and Startup

August 12, 2003
Using WonderSilk Skins requires a specific, but simple process of Download, Install, Assign, Activate, and use. The following steps will walk you through the process. 1. Download and install the two main WonderSilk components onto your PDA: WonderSilk.prc, the Silk Plug-in Kinumaru_E.prc, the skin manager app. These can be found in the WonderSilk distribution found […]

ReplayTV Tip #1-ReplayTV to DVD HOWTO

August 11, 2003
If you own a ReplayTV 5000 series PVR, learn how to archive your shows to DVD. Follow these steps to transfer shows from your ReplayTV box to your PC, edit out unwanted content, and burn the "final cut" to DVD for viewing on any standalone DVD player! ReplayTV to DVD HOWTO: A step-by-step Guide to […]

Tip #17-Some Clie and Palm Resources

April 7, 2003
This tip isn't so much a tip as a list of resources. Most are probably obvious to you, but for those who are very new to the Clie and Palm world, here are several good sources for information, news, and third-party applications. In no particular order: PALM APPS This has been the "definitive" source […]

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