Moxi Tips

Moxi Tip #14: Easy Remote Text Entry?

I have read the manual. I have played with Moxi. I obviously overlooked it, but it just hit me that there’s a very easy way to enter search words in Moxi’s Find screens! Read on to learn how… Moxi’s very powerful and useful "Search by Title" and "Search by Keyword" screens provide an easy to navigate on-screen keyboard to enter search keywords. It’s pretty obvious that when you want to enter a character in the on-screen keyboards, you just move the cursor around with the arrow keys and press the [ OK ] button to select the letter. Pretty simple. But, if you are familiar with text messaging on a cellular phone, then you will be right at home! Take a look at the keypad on your remote. Above the numbers are printed alpha characters just like on a phone keypad. When the on-screen keyboard is displayed on the Search […]

Moxi Tip #13: Moxi FAQ Resource!

OK, this is not so much as tip as a plug. There are several great sites out there with information on the Moxi DVR. Read on for details on several I particularly like… SPL Moxi FAQ The SPL Moxi FAQ is a Web page that simply has it all. It’s a single, very, very long page spanning over 40 printed pages, but it’s crammed full of practically anything you could ever want to know concerning Moxi. If the information isn’t presented there, it either doesn’t exist, or there’s a link to find it. It is definitely a good read! is easy to remember, and it’s full of great answers, information, and opinions. provides a forum format to help answer frequently asked questions as well as voicing your opinions on numerous Moxi-related topics. It is frequented by at least one Digeo person, so check it out!

Moxi Tip #12: Tick, Tick, Ticker!

Moxi’s “Ticker” feature can provide you with lots of great up-to-date weather, sports, and news information. Read on to learn what the Ticker is, and how to get the most from it… First off, what is the Ticker? The Ticker is a small banner on the bottom of the screen containing several “tabs” of periodically updating content. The tabs include such items as Weather, Forecast, Sports (news), NFL (scores), News, World (news), and quite a few others. The goal is to provide you with easy-to-read news and information at the bottom of the screen while still allowing you to view your shows, ininterrupted and in obscured. So how do you know if you have the Ticker enabled? Simple: Press the “Ticker” button on the remote! You will also have a Ticker “Category” along the horizontal Moxi menu. If neither is available, by all means, check with your Cable provider to […]

Moxi Tip #11: How To Find The Shows You Want

With hundreds of Cable channels to choose from, it can be very overwhelming to try to find what you want to watch. Moxi, like most DVR’s has some excellent features that let you not only find the shows you are specifically looking for, but find other shows that might be of interest to you. Read on for some information on searching as well as some “deeper” functions that you may not be aware of… Hopefully, you are familiar with Moxi’s “navigation” controls. You should be able to bring up the Moxi menu, scroll left and right through the different categories, and scroll up and down through the different category choices. In addition to the “Channels” list, you should see several categories like “Sports”, “Movies”, “Kids”, etc. These are the groupings that Moxi uses to give you quick access browse through these basic categories of shows. Like the “Channels” list, these […]

Moxi Tip #10: Controlling Favorites

Would you like a way to keep certain channels from showing up in your Favorite Channels list? Read on for a tip submitted by “MoxiGuy”, a cool Digeo rep who hangs out on the AVS Forums… The “Favorites” filter is a nice place to find the 15 most viewed channels. But what if there are some channels that though you view them a lot, you just don’t want them to actually list in the Favorites list? The short answer is to go into “Parental Controls” (under settings) and lock out those channels. “But I don’t really want to lock the channels.” you say. “I don’t have kids around, and it would be very inconvenient to enter a PIN just to see what’s playing. Do I really have to lock the channels?” “MoxiGuy” suggests that after you check the “unwanted” channels as locked, go back to the Master lock card and […]

Moxi Tip #9: Some DVR Basics

Many prople on this and other forums are long-time Digital Video Recorder (DVR) users, but what about those of you who are new to the DVR world? Read on for some “DVR Basics” that will help you get the most out of your DVR experience… What’s a DVR and how does it differ from a VCR? A DVR, or Digital Video Recorder, is a consumer device that lets you record and play back TV show recordings. But wait, isn’t that a VCR? Like a VCR, a DVD lets you record, play back, and Rewind, Fast Forward, and Pause while you are playing back the recordings. But there are some significant differences between the two that make then very unique. Analog vs Digital The first concept you need to understand is the distinction between analog signals and digital data. The input to a VCR is an analog audio/video signal. This signal […]

Moxi Tip #8: Get Into The Game!

Moxi has the capability to provide interactive Games to the viewer. Read on to learn about some neat diversions available on many Moxi boxes… Moxi has a “Games” category from which you can choose a Game to play. Press the Moxi button and scroll left or right until you highlight the Games category. (Important Note: Because all Games can be individually provisioned by the Cable company, you may or not have access to all Games, so check with your Cable provider if you are unsure.) A list of available Games will appear in a vertical list. Scroll up and down to select the Game you want to play. The Games that are currently available are: Solitaire, Battleship, Checkers, Domino Dementia, Video Poker, Blackjack, Bijoux, Blast it, and Invasion Wave. All games can be played using the Moxi remote, however coming from the PC world, some of the Games can be […]

Moxi Tip #7: Moxi Vs ReplayTV

As a long-time ReplayTV DVR owner, comparisons are inevitable, so here are my rather lengthy impressions of Moxi in comaprison with ReplayTV. This comparison is an enhancement to a posting I made over on the AVS Forum. I have refined it a bit and added some more information, so read on for all you never wanted to know… BACKGROUND Before I get into the review and comparison, I want to provide a bit of background and perspective. I have been a long-time proponent of ReplayTV boxes and I have participated on AVS Forum’s ReplayTV forum for a number of years. I have owned three ReplayTV boxes over the past four years, and I run a personal hobby site,, where I have been providing Tips & Tricks related to several topics that interest me (including ReplayTV), so to say that I’ve had some experience and interest in DVR’s would be […]

Moxi Tip #6: System Diagnostics Menu

Would you like to know how to view “interesting” information and statistics about your Moxi box? Read on to see how! Go to the box itself (not from the remote) and simultaneously press the “Menu” and “OK” buttons. A system diagnostics menu will display giving you access to lots of neat goodies such as software information, hardware information, account information, etc. Use the arrow keys to navigate through the menus. Pressing the “Moxi” button will exit you from the menu. You cannot change any information, just view it. So, if you are one of those people who like “looking under the hood”, this is a great way to see what’s going on! Very important note: You can “trigger” various events, including updates, but unless your Cable company actually has an update staged, and your account is flagged to receive the update, you WILL NOT receive any updates other than what […]

Moxi Tip #5: Throw some food at your TV!

This tip is based on findings by “Dyaus” and confirmed by “GlendaleHDTV” over at the AVS Forum. There is a hidden “Easter Egg” that displays various food items that you can move around and “throw” at the screen causing a messy splat! Read on to see how to digitally throw food at your TV screen… First, go into the Moxi menu by pressing the Moxi button. Now, press back, next, back, next, back, next in succession, and you will see a piece of “food” in the center of the screen. The arrow buttons will move the item around the screen. The Next and Back buttons will cycle through different kinds of food. Pressing the “OK” button “throws” the food at the screen causing a nice splat. The “Clear” button will clear the mess on the screen. Pressing the Moxi button will dismiss the food… My recommendation is that you do […]