T3 Tip #2: Tap-And-Hold Last Used Applications

March 2, 2004
The Tungsten T3 has several User Interface "enhancements" that aren't always apparant. One great example has to do with the "Virtual Graffiti" or "Digital Input Area" (DIA). Learn how to bring up a list of the five last-used applications! As we all know, if you tap on the "Applications" Icon (the little "house" icon in […]

T3 Tip #1: Flip your lid

February 26, 2004
Obviously, case preferences are very personal, but you may be able to save some money with Palm's included flip-cover. When I purchased my Palm Tungsten T3, I also purchased along with it a Palm "Hard Case" thinking that I would definitely need something to protect the $400 investment I just made. After having used several […]

Tip #24-HandStory-faking a schedule

October 24, 2003
This "tip" is very specialized, but some may find it useful... Though I REALLY love HandStory (it's my first choice for offline browsers) I have one small issue: There is no way to schedule when clips are updated. I leave my PC on 24/7, so faithfully around Midnight, HandStory auto-updates. Not bad, but unfortunatly, that […]

No WonderSilk planned for the UX series!

September 30, 2003
I just received an email from "Chime", the developer of the WonderSilk application for the Sony Clie NX series PDA's, and he said that he has no development plans for Sony's new Clei UX series PDA's. He says this is because the UX does not support Silk Plug-ins like the NX series did. I had […]

Tip #23-Swipe Strokes

September 30, 2003
Here are two undocumented "Swipe strokes" that you may find useful. 1. "Command Bar" stroke You probably know that when the Virtual Graffiti area is displayed, doing a "Lower-left to Upper Right" stroke ("/") will bring up the "Command bar" from which you can select available options like "Cut, Copy, Paste, etc." Well, if you […]

Tip #22-Battery Conservation

September 30, 2003
Here are a three tips to consider if your battery is not holding a charge like you think it should... 1. Does your Clie "come on" when you have it in your pocket, your purse, or in its case? Engaging the "Hold" button will prevent it from accidentally coming on. Alarms still sound, but you […]

New night-friendly WonderSilk Skin!

September 3, 2003
Want to see red? With the new "WS-Red" WonderSilk Skin, you now have a "night-friendly" WonderSilk Skin to use with your favorite Astronomy app! I have been using two Astronomy apps (2Sky and Planetarium) on my PalmOS PDA's for a long while, and though they work and look great on my NX70V, one huge annoyance […]

Tip #21-WonderSilk Skins Installation and Startup

August 12, 2003
Using WonderSilk Skins requires a specific, but simple process of Download, Install, Assign, Activate, and use. The following steps will walk you through the process. 1. Download and install the two main WonderSilk components onto your PDA: WonderSilk.prc, the Silk Plug-in Kinumaru_E.prc, the skin manager app. These can be found in the WonderSilk distribution found […]

Tip #20-Add HandStory clips to your Website

June 3, 2003
Did you know that you can create "auto-installing" HandStory clips to your web site? I recently noticed a "glitch" in the "mobile edition" of my web site, so I fixed the code and cleaned it up a bit. It's cleaner and the download is smaller. But that's not my reason for writing this... I was […]

Tip #19-Convert Movies to your hard drive

April 16, 2003
This may be an obvious one, but it had eluded me until recently. Did you know that you can convert movies to a format that the Clie Movie Player can play using the Image Converter program without converting directly to your Memory Stick? The other night, I decided to try converting some video into a […]

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