Tip #22-Battery Conservation

Here are a three tips to consider if your battery is not holding a charge like you think it should… 1. Does your Clie “come on” when you have it in your pocket, your purse, or in its case? Engaging … Read more

New night-friendly WonderSilk Skin!

Want to see red? With the new “WS-Red” WonderSilk Skin, you now have a “night-friendly” WonderSilk Skin to use with your favorite Astronomy app! I have been using two Astronomy apps (2Sky and Planetarium) on my PalmOS PDA’s for a … Read more

Tip #21-WonderSilk Skins Installation and Startup

Using WonderSilk Skins requires a specific, but simple process of Download, Install, Assign, Activate, and use. The following steps will walk you through the process. 1. Download and install the two main WonderSilk components onto your PDA: WonderSilk.prc, the Silk … Read more

ReplayTV Tip #1-ReplayTV to DVD HOWTO

If you own a ReplayTV 5000 series PVR, learn how to archive your shows to DVD. Follow these steps to transfer shows from your ReplayTV box to your PC, edit out unwanted content, and burn the "final cut" to DVD … Read more

Tip #17-Some Clie and Palm Resources

This tip isn’t so much a tip as a list of resources. Most are probably obvious to you, but for those who are very new to the Clie and Palm world, here are several good sources for information, news, and … Read more

Tip #14-Try an Alternate Picture Viewer

The included Clie Viewer program, while good intentioned, suffers from lethargy. Take more than a handful of pictures with your Clie Camera, and you sit and wait, and wait, and wait for the Clie Viewer to generate thumbnail images. It … Read more

Tip #10-Renaming Apps in LauncherX

Want to be more “functional” with LanucherX? Why not rename your apps to something more meaningful! One way to make launcherX’s “Launcher Experience” more functional is to use LauncherX’s “Rename” Gadget to rename application filenames to something more meaningful. Note … Read more

Tip #7-Record your own alarms

Create new alarms! Did you know that you can use the included Voice Recorder app to create alarms? Launch the Voice Recorder app and open record some audio. Next, select the menu option “Data > Convert to Alarm” Check the … Read more

Tip #6-Managing Documents To Go files

Managing documents in Documents To Go: the Memory Stick and RAM I was having some problems with Documents To Go crashing after a restore from MSBackup. I think I found the problem and an explanation. The specific problem I was … Read more

Tip #1-One-handed Launcher operation

True one-handed Launcher operation: I don’t like the default CLIE Launcher and I can’t wait for new OS 5 compliant launchers. I tried to like the new launcher, but it seems to take too many jog dial turns to find … Read more